A desktop app that allows you to continue playing on Spotify an album/playlist from the last track you heard


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How to use

Spotify on multiple platforms (computer, tablet and smartphone)

1. Listen to Spotify wherever you want

No need to have Palbum open

Browsing through Palbum app

2. On Palbum, check the albums/playlists you listened before

The track that appears under the album/playlist is the last one you heard


3. Resume listening on Spotify from where you left

Select the album/playlist you want on Palbum with your mouse or keyboard


Palbum's dark mode

Dark mode

Match the theme to your preferences

Works on Linux, Windows and macOS

Works where you work

No matter your operating system

Gif showing how simple it is to use Palbum


Just a list with a search bar

keyboard icon illustrating the possibility to use shortcuts


Full control without using a mouse


Shortcut (Mac) Shortcut (Windows/Linux) Action
⌘ + M ctrl + M Show/Hide window
⌘ + D ctrl + D Toggle dark mode
Arrow/tab keys or mouse wheel Scroll list
Enter or left click Play
Right click on the icon Quit and other options